Europan Croatia

E17 Exhibition in Makarska

The exhibition in the Antun Gojak city gallery in Makarska concluded the first part of the transformation of the city center of Makarska through Europan 17 competition.

The opening was attended by the first-prized team – Elisabeth Terisse de Botton and Matthieu Brasebin, half of the second-prized team – Ria Tursan and Antea Divić, and Davide Bertin and Fabio Tossutti, whose entry Fishing NETwork received a special mention.

The Mayor of the City of Makarska, Zoran Paunović, talked at the opening about his hope that the implementation of the first-prized entry will proceed without obstacles, because this design has been recognized as a very fine response to numerous questions and ambiguities, the resolution of which can make the city center suitable for life throughout the year – and at the same time attractive for visitors, whose number rises every year. Instead of mass tourism, the city intends to turn to sustainable tourism that does not destroy the environment and the quality of life of the local population, but is compatible and communicates with it.

Helena Knifić Schaps, president of Europan Croatia, pointed out that the city was a very reliable partner throughout the process of the competition, and Europan will be happy to help in the next phase, the preparation of documentation that will ultimately lead to the transformation of the transformation of the three “voids” that are so rich with life.

After the opening of the exhibition, the first- and second-prize winning teams presented their projects and thus explained to everyone their visions for a new, rich, living space that communicates with the environment – both natural and built, but also with all the city’s residents, because they are ultimately the most important clients of this process.

Various questions were addressed through the public debate, in which many residents and guests participated, and the general impression is that the residents of Makarska are satisfied with the awarded entry, and can’t wait to see it in full scale.